Please join us at the Capital City Arts and Crafts Show, Charleston WV Civic Center,

17 - 19 November 2018.

We are currently taking orders for pickup at the show.  Order by 28 September for custom and wholesale products to pickup during the show.

New products this year include Facial Cleansing Balm, Bath Bombs, Epsom Foot Soak, Beard Balm, and After Shave.

Shearwater Falls

Your source for the best all-natural, handmade personal care products

Shearwater Falls is your source for the highest quality all-natural handmade personal care products available.  We create our complete line of skin care products from our own formulas utilizing only the best available raw materials.  Our founder carefully researches, designs, formulates, and tests all of our natural handmade personal care products before they become production or custom items.  Consequently, at Shearwater Falls, we know exactly what is in each  product, and more importantly for people with sensitive skin, what is not in our natural skin care products.

Shearwater Falls