Custom Products

Shearwater Falls strives to fulfill all our customer's personal care product needs.  If we do not have the product, formula, scent, size, or packaging that you would like, please let us know so we can custom make the product to match your care needs.  Discontinued products can still be ordered as custom products.  Some of the more popular items are scented Skin Cream, Facial Cleansing Balm, Healthy Skin Scrub, organic Rosehip Seed Oil, and Private Sector Soother.

Since we create our own formulas, adjusting them for particular needs such as allergies, is no problem.  With enough information, Shearwater Falls can research and formulate custom products.

All Shearwater Falls scents are created only with natural, plant-based essential oils, so if the essential oil is available or can be blended, we will be happy to scent products as you like.   To download a list of the essential oils we normally have on hand, please click here.  Some essential oils are extremely expensive and therefore will impact the cost of custom skin care items.

Custom skin care products vary in price and minimums, so please contact us to discuss your custom skin care needs.  Please provide as much detail about your requirements as possible when ordering custom skin care products.

Custom products are non-refundable unless the product is damaged or spoiled on arrival. 

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